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Adding Value | Home remodelling ideas UK | Home Renovations ideas.

Adding Value with a Home remodelling ideas UK. Home renovations ideas that add value to your property.

Add a Bathroom, shower area or wc, Add extra living space, Add an extra bedroom, Remodelling existing spaces, Renovate the exterior of your property, Extend the kitchen, Update an existing kitchen, convert the loft, create off street parking

Add a Bathroom, shower area or wc

Adding an extra bedroom will almost always add value to your home. The increase is usually proportional, so transforming a one-bedroom house into a two-bedroom one will add the most, with less value added by each successive bedroom. There is a ceiling, however, as few buyers will want more than five bedrooms unless the property is very large and in a valuable area.

Extra bedrooms can be created by moving internal walls to rearrange existing rooms, by converting the roof space, or by extending. One of the most cost-effective ways to add a new bedroom is to convert the loft. In many cases, this is already a usable space that simply needs adapting with the addition of a staircase, windows, insulation, heating and lighting.

Add extra living space.

Simply adding space is not enough: it must be well designed, so that it genuinely makes the house more live-able and appealing. The scale and style of any new extensions or outbuildings should therefore be considered very carefully in relation to the property's style, size, layout and location. Adding the wrong extension can prove to be an expensive mistake and an inappropriate design can actually devalue your house. Extension work is almost always more expensive than remodelling and renovation, so before deciding, it is best to first consider how to make the most out of the existing space. The key factors are the size of the garden, the distance to neighbouring properties, local planning policy and local house prices. Small extensions will often not require planning permission, but all extension work must comply with Building Regulations.

Add an extra bedroom.

Extra bedrooms can usually add value to a property, but you to find out what the ceiling value is on the street.  Make sure there is a balance between bedrooms, bathrooms and living space. You can create this space by adding a storey to an adjoining garage, converting the loft space.

Remodelling existing spaces

Clever space planning or remodelling can make your home look and feel spacious.  Consider converting dead space such corridors, large hallways, undersized rooms, unused nooks and niches.  Try going open plan and creating multifunctional rooms.

Renovate the exterior of your property

Improving kerb appeal costs little but can give a good return.  Tidying up the garden and driveway, re-pointing masonry, repainting exterior windows, doors and other exterior woodwork like barge boards, fascia's and soffits. Changing windows and cladding style.

Extend the kitchen.

Small kitchens put off many potential buyers. You could knock out a dividing wall to combine a separate dining area. If the wall is load bearing it will need approval from building control. kitchen extensions can be carried out under permitted development.

Update an existing kitchen

The simplest and the most cost-effective option is a renovation. Most of the wear in a kitchen is to the sink, hob, work surfaces, doors and drawer fronts, with the units themselves usually surviving intact. By updating only those elements that have worn out, you can alter your space and make it look like new at a fraction of the cost of a totally new kitchen. This is especially the case if you also repaint the walls and ceiling, and clean up the grouting or replace the tiling and splash-backs.

Most homeowners now want an open-plan family kitchen with a dining area and, ideally, a living area, too, plus separate utility room. So there is a huge value placed on this feature if you can create it by remodeling or extending. Aim to have the dining area closest to the food-preparation area -and with access to the garden or terrace. The kitchen needs the least natural light.

If you are on a tight budget, reuse your old carcasses and add new ones as required -sizes are standardized. You can then do a renovation with new work-tops, door and drawer fronts, hob, sink, etc.

Convert the Loft.

The loft area is already usable space, it just needs adopting for a staircase, velux windows, structural works, means of escape for fire, maybe a Box dormer (to increase usable floor space). Loft conversions will only add value if the works have building regulations compliance.

Create off street parking

Its best in areas where on street parking is limited or restricted, you will need to apply to the highway authority to drop the kerb and create visibility splays.

Bathroom Renovations