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Welcome to Apex Residential Design Services news, where we will be posting interesting Subjects or issues that homeowners may find useful.

Don't forget that Part G of the Building Regulations has recently been rewritten From 1 October, several important changes will come into effect, with the principal aims of reducing water consumption (in line with level 2 of the code Sustainable Homes) and improving safety. The document also includes guidance on where grey water and harvested rainwater can be safely used, along Midi a helpful usage calculation tool. To help homebuilders stay within the new water usage limit of 125 litres per person per day, manufacturers of sanitary appliances and white goods will be obliged to declare their products' water consumption figures. Safety measures must be provided for all hot water systems (not just vented ones). And bath taps in new homes must be fitted with protective measures, such as a thermostatic mixing valve, so as to limit the temperature of the hot water and thereby prevent scalding.

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